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Survey Suggests a Quarter of Germans Eat Majority Plant-Based Diet

The “Weltenretter-Index 2023” survey, commissioned by restaurant chain Peter Pane, finds 3% of Germans strictly avoid animal products and another 21% frequently so, suggesting around quarter of Germans follow a majority plant-based diet. The results come a month after the company’s founder Patrick Junge stated, “People who eat a meat-free diet are not nerds, but pioneers. I am convinced that meat consumption will soon have as little reputation as smoking. In 20 years it will be the exception”. According to the survey, unsurprisingly, women are more inclined towards a meat-free diet, with 31% often or consistently avoiding animal ingredients compared to 17% of men. Young adults aged 18 to 39, especially female, are leading this change. One in three people demand more meat-free options in …


Peter Pane founder Patrick Junge

Peter Pane founder Patrick Junge, Image credit Peter Pane


Peter Pane Founder: “In 20 Years, Meat Consumption Will Be the Exception. People Who Eat a Meat-Free Diet Are Pioneers”

Patrick Junge, founder of German burger chain Peter Pane, has spoken about sustainability in the company, which operates throughout Germany and Austria. Since its foundation in 2016, the company has become one of the most successful restaurant chains in Germany. Today, more than 2,000 team members work at more than 51 locations, and the goal is to reach 65 locations by 2025. With the company’s “Peter Plant” project, which began in 2012 on its own land, mixed forests are grown, totalling around 1,000 hectares, with at least 150,000 trees added per year, with the project already creating 600,000 square metres of flower meadows. “Greenwashing by certificates he refuses,” states the company in a press release. Junge has implemented the inclusion of vegetarian and vegan burgers …