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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

EU Meat Producers Driving Plant-Based Market Growth in Europe, Part 1

Europe experienced some of the most significant growth in the plant-based food sector globally, with the industry expanding by a reported 49% between 2018 and 2020 amid the first bubble of hype, post-Beyond IPO. This surge didn’t go unnoticed by the EU’s leading meat producers. Possessing well-established brands, extensive marketing capabilities, and solid distribution channels—bolstered by government subsidies—these traditional meat companies have substantial resources for research and development. Their entrance into the plant-based market undoubtedly raises consumer awareness and accessibility of these alternatives. However, this shift can present a challenge for startups competing in the same space. After looking closely at meat producers in the Americas starting plant-based projects last year, this series now looks at Europe. The European market is characterized by its high …


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Poultry Producer PHW Group Enters Alternative Food Ingredients Market With New Subsidiary

The PHW Group, the largest poultry producer in Germany and the fourth-largest in Europe, announces a newly formed subsidiary for alternative ingredients, stating its focus is now on the expansion of a competitive, value-added chain infrastructure analogous to and complementary to the core business segment of poultry. PHW’s entrance into the food ingredients market comes with the founding of VTEC Ingredients GmbH which will be based in Engelsberg, Bavaria. “In the future, we want to transfer our successful vertical integration model from the poultry sector to the alternative protein sources business field,” explains Marcus Keitzer, Board Member for Alternative Protein Sources at the PHW Group.  “Through the new partnership, we are now systematically networking our existing PHW infrastructure with upstream stages of the value chain. …


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Cultivated Meat

CEO of Poultry Giant PHW Calls Upon Europe to Allow Cultivated Meat

Peter Wesjohann, CEO of Wiesenhof / PHW, one of Europe’s largest poultry producers, is calling on the EU to allow the sale of cultivated meat. Wesjohann said in an interview with the German publication Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung: “If Brussels doesn’t speed things up a bit, we will end up with approval for sale in the USA and Asia, and here in Europe we will once again be too late.” The Wiesenhof parent company PHW has a stake in the Israeli company Supermeat; together the two companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding in March and will work together to obtain EU authorization for cultivated meat products, aiming to be among the first to develop, manufacture and distribute cultivated meat at a large scale for consumers. Wesjohann …


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Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

Poultry Giant PHW Signs MoU With SuperMeat For Cultivated Chicken, Turkey & Duck

PHW Group, one of Europe’s largest poultry producers, and Israeli food-tech SuperMeat have partnered to bring cultivated meat to the masses. The deal will solidify the brands’ joint mission to bring cultivated meat products, including chicken, turkey, and duck, to European consumers. PHW and SuperMeat have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and will work together to obtain EU authorization for the cultivated meat products and, through SuperMeat’s proprietary cultivated meat platform, to be among the first to develop, manufacture and distribute cultivated meat at a large scale for consumers. PHW’s alt protein moves Germany-based PHW has become more active in the alt protein market of late, including the launch of its own plant-based brand and an announcement of an upcoming launch with The LIVEKINDLY …


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Company News

Poultry Giant PHW Launches Plant-Based Brand ‘Green Legend’ and Will Partner with The LIVEKINDLY Collective For Upcoming Launch

German poultry giant PHW states that its entrance into the alternative protein market is based on four pillars: its own brand vegan products in the new Green Legend range; sales partnerships; strategic participations; and finally the establishment of a joint venture between The LIVEKINDLY Co and the PHW Group called Green Meadows.



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Food & Beverage

JUST Announces Several Global Manufacturing & Distribution Partnerships and Welcomes Two New Board Members

Today, JUST Inc. has announced a list of new partnerships to manufacture and distribute its JUST Egg across North America, Latin America, Europe, and East Asia. The collaborations include South Korea’s SPC Samlip, Southeast Asia’s Betagro Group, Latin America’s Alianza Team, Mexico’s Grupo Bimbo, and global delivery platform Delivery Hero. 


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PHW Group Invests in Plant-Based Seafood Producers Good Catch

The PHW Group, to which the well-known brand Wiesenhof belongs, is one of Europe’s largest food producers and has been investing increasingly in alternative, plant-based protein producers for some time. After entering into a distribution partnership with vegan tech start-up Beyond Meat in the past, the company has now confirmed a major investment in seafood producer Good Catch, a specialist in plant-based seafood. Paul Wesjohann, CEO of the PHW Group, said, “The investment in Good Catch is proof of our future-oriented strategy. Good Catch is in line with our commitment to providing the United States with sustainable, clean food. We do not see this transaction as a financial investment, but rather as the beginning of a long-term strategic partnership.” In its last round of financing, …


Marcus-Keitzer: New board member for "alternative protein sources"

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PHW Group: “We Have Always Taken Unconventional Paths.”

Many milk and meat producers are aware of the growth of vegan products in the market and are adapting their ranges accordingly. The PHW Group has gone one step further and established a new business area called “alternative protein sources”, which includes involvement with SuperMeat and the distribution for Beyond Meat. We asked Marcus Keitzer – the new board member for alternative protein sources – about vegan developments within the PHW Group.