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PhytoLove Launches Complete Plant-Based Omega Supplement in Australia Made From Regeneratively Grown Seed

Australian company PhytoLove has launched a new type of plant-based omega supplement that aims to address the limitations of other products in the category. The most common type of omega-3 supplement is fish oil, which contributes to overfishing and can contain pollutants such as dioxins, PCBs, and heavy metals. Some consumers seeking a more ethical alternative have turned to plant-based products such as flax oil, which contains good levels of the short-chain fatty acid ALA but may not convert well to longer-chain fatty acids such as DHA and EPA. PhytoLove’s product, Ahiflower, is made from a wild plant that was discovered in the UK. Its main ingredient is Buglossoides arvensis seed oil, which is said to provide a complete lipid profile containing or efficiently forming …