Niklas Kaskeala, chairman of Plant Based Foods Finland. Image supplied.

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Oatly Manager Chairs New ‘Plant Based Foods Finland’ Business Group Targeting Plant-Based Market Growth

A new business association, Plant Based Foods Finland (Pro Vege in Finnish), has been established to help increase the share of plant-based foods in the Finnish food system. Among the association’s 18 founding members are the country’s three largest supermarket chains — Kesko, SOK, and Lidl Finland — said to account for 92% of the food retail market. Several restaurants and plant-based companies are also included; the full list is Food Farm, Kotipizza Group, Lipasu, MeEat Food Tech, Mö Foods, Nordic Umami Company, Oatly, Oy Soya Ab, Porlammi Dairy, Raisio, Tmi Jukka Kajan, Virna Food Radecon, Vöner, WWF Finland and Ylva Palvelut. Ambitious plans, mission-aligned partners Plant Based Foods Finland will work to make plant-based foods attractive to as many people as possible, with a …