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Plant-Based Foods of Canada: “Canada is in a Position of Strength in Plant-Based Foods”

Plant-Based Foods of Canada (PBFC) is a Canadian industry association focused on promoting the growth and awareness of plant-based foods in the country, acting as a collective voice for companies that produce and sell plant-based food products. The association works to raise public awareness about the benefits and options available in plant-based foods and advocates for policies and regulations that support their development and accessibility in Canada. Notable members of the PBFC include Daiya, Califia Farms, Gardein, Oatly, NotCo, and Yves. Leslie Ewing is the executive director of PBFC and a recognized leader in the Canadian plant-based food industry. In this interview, Leslie discusses the dynamic trends in consumer behaviour and market growth, noting the industry’s resilience amidst economic challenges and consumers’ evolving demands. She …


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Fairs & Events

Canada’s Third Annual Plant Based Food Week to Showcase Innovation in Plant-Based Sector

Canada is gearing up for its third annual Plant Based Food Week, slated for April 15-29, 2024, a joint initiative by Plant-Based Foods of Canada (PBFC) and Protein Industries Canada. The event is designed to draw attention to the growth, variety, and ecological benefits of plant-based food products. Studies highlight a growing interest in plant-based products in Canada, with Dalhousie University reporting that one in five Canadians buy plant-based alternatives. Although a large proportion of Canadians may be unwilling to give up meat entirely, as revealed in a recent survey from Sodexo, nearly half of consumers are interested in reducing their intake. The upcoming Plant Based Food Week seeks to support this trend by motivating Canadians to try more plant-based foods, encouraging the incorporation of …


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Industry Groups Join Forces to Strengthen Canada’s Plant-Based Food Policies

Protein Industries Canada announces it is partnering with Loblaw Companies Ltd., Pulse Canada, and Plant-Based Foods of Canada to strengthen Canada’s plant-based foods regulations and establish a Regulatory Centre of Excellence.  A total of $1.6 million is being invested in the endeavor, which is Protein Industries’ 38th project announcement aimed at supporting Canada’s growing plant-based food and ingredient sector. Through consumer surveys and experiments, the partners will engage with Canada’s government to address critical knowledge gaps in regulating plant-based food products. The group has identified several key policy areas in need of modernization, including: Protein labelling claims (e.g. determining if a product is a “good source of protein”) Naming conventions (how and when companies can use terms such as “plant-based cheese”, “sausage” or “patties”) Development …