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Plant Junkie Opens Healthy Vegan Fast Food Concept in New York and Chicago

Plant Junkie, a new fast food concept specializing in better-for-you plant-based cuisine, announces it is now open in several locations across New York City and Chicago.  Founded by New York restauranteur Nat Milner and Chef Hiranth Jaysinghe, Plant Junkie’s menu is focused on offering a delicious, healthier alternative to traditional fast food that goes beyond burgers.  The concept’s menu features a diverse variety of globally inspired plant-based dishes, ranging from bowls and salads to burgers, sandwiches and sides. Featured entrees include the Bangkok Curry Bowl (Peanut noodles, baked red curry tofu, Asian cabbage slaw, coconut kale, crispy lotus root), the Sri Lankan Buddha Bowl (Yellow basmati rice, chickpea curry, seitan curry, coconut kale, crispy papadum) and New York “Chicken” Caesar Salad. The concept’s sandwiches include …