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Investments & Finance

Protein Industries Canada Launches $24.5 Million Plant-Based Food Development Project

Protein Industries Canada recently announced a new initiative in partnership with Roquette, Prairie Fava, BioNeutra, and Plant Up to advance plant-based food innovation and market diversification. The $24.5 million project seeks to enhance Canadian companies’ competitiveness by developing new ingredients and food products, improving process efficiencies, and exploring new market opportunities for co-products. The project will address several challenges currently faced by the plant-based industry, including increasing global competition and the demand for improved taste and ingredient functionality. Focusing on pea and fava beans, the consortium will work on developing new fava-based ingredients and applications for pea starch and fibre, expanding product offerings and creating new market avenues for protein, starch, and fibre. Government support Canadian Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, The Honourable François-Philippe …


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Products & Launches

Plant Up Unveils New Plant-Based Appetizers, Now Available at 650+ Canadian Retailers

Plant Up, a Canadian producer of plant-based frozen meals, has expanded its product range with the launch of two new appetizers: Butter Chik’n Bites and Shawarma Bites. These latest additions are a continuation of Plant Up’s globally inspired plant-based product lineup, aiming to cater to the growing diversity of consumers in Canada. Aamir Malkani, the founder and CEO of Plant Up, comments on the growing diversity in Canadian food preferences: “With over 500,000 people moving to Canada each year, mainstream retailers seem to have taken notice of this. As the lines between the international aisle and mainstream aisles blur, ethnic foods have gone from a ‘Nice’ to have to ‘Need’ to have. “Plant Up is positioned in a sweet spot as it embraces this diversity …


Vegan Asian Dumplings

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Retail & E-Commerce

Canada: Plant Up Debuts Globally-Inspired Plant-Based Frozen Meals at Major Retailers

Food startup Plant Up announces its globally-inspired plant-based frozen meals are now on sale at Sobeys, Foodland and Safeway locations across Canada.  Co-founded by Aamir Malkani, Plant Up states it is bringing a “taste revolution” to the plant-based category by sourcing unique flavors and ingredients from around the world. In contrast to what it deems “boring, repetitive burgers and nuggets”, Plant Up says it is on a mission to answer consumer demand for convenient, better-tasting meals with cleaner ingredients.  To create its first products – Asian Dumplings and Thai Basil Chik’n – the company’s team reportedly traveled around the world to sample authentic tastings of these dishes in their countries of origin. Plant Up also partnered with a diverse group of chefs and spent over …