Plantastic pasta sauces

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Products & Launches

Premier Foods Expands Plantastic Range With Three New Pasta Sauces

One of the UK’s leading food manufacturers, Premier Foods, has launched three new vegan pasta sauces under its Plantastic brand. In addition to Plantastic, Premier Foods owns numerous hugely popular British brands, including Ambrosia, Lyons, Mr. Kipling, Bisto, Oxo, and Bird’s Custard. The new sauces come in the flavours Tomato & Chargrilled Pepper, Spicy Cajun Tomato, and Caramelised Onion & Sweet Potato. Half a jar provides one of consumers’ five recommended daily portions of fruits and vegetables, and the sauces are free of artificial colours and preservatives, according to the brand. “We have created this range of unique sauces, which deliver creaminess without the use of dairy, to ensure that plant-based consumers don’t have to compromise on taste,” said Hong Sim, brand director for plant-based …


Black Sheep Vegan Cheese

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Company News

Feel Foods Improves Black Sheep Vegan Cheeze Shelf Life, Allowing Faster Distribution

Canada’s Feel Foods Ltd. announces a key advancement in extending the shelf life of its Black Sheep Vegan Cheeze brand, enabling the company to accelerate its market expansion.  Feel Foods says it has utilized a High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) technique to extend the cheeses’ shelf stability by over 100%, more than doubling the product shelf life from five weeks to ten.  The process does not require any heat or synthetic preservatives. Through this innovation, Feel Foods says it can now achieve wider distribution channels throughout Canada and begin entering US sales.  A family of brands Black Sheep Vegan Cheeze is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Feel Foods, which first acquired the British Columbia-based cheese maker in 2021 to help the brand scale operations and launch e-commerce. …


Feel Foods Plant-Based Scramble

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Food & Beverage

Feel Foods Enters Vegan Breakfast Segment With Bacon & Eggs Launches

Feel Foods, a Canadian agri-foods holding company, announces it will launch plant-based bacon and eggs in a drive to enter the vegan breakfast segment. Feel Foods recently acquired the British Columbia-based Plantastic Foods, which specializes in plant-based cheesecakes and burgers, and wholly owns Black Sheep Vegan Cheeze, producers of almond and soy-based cheese. Details about the upcoming breakfast products are limited, except for photos of a Plant-Based Scramble displaying the Black Sheep logo, suggesting that Black Sheep will play a key role in developing the new line. In November, Feel Foods expanded its portfolio by acquiring Plantastic, which sells a variety of cheesecakes and veggie burgers in 22 British Columbia locations and e-commerce. Feel Foods signed the deal to help Plantastic grow sales, increase market …



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Investments & Finance

Canada: Feel Foods Announces Acquisition of BC’s Plantastic as It Grows Plant-Based Portfolio

Feel Foods has announced a deal to acquire British Columbia-based vegan food company Plantastic. A specialist in plant-based cheesecake and burgers, Plantastic prides itself on putting community health and wellness at the forefront of its product development.  Founded in 2019, Plantastic products are currently offered in multiple locations throughout British Columbia as well as online marketplaces and DTC. Founder Sanit Jain started the company due to his personal plant-based success and recovery story after losing his father to a heart attack stemming from high cholesterol. Plantastic offers low cholesterol, plant-based alternatives, and the acquisition will allow for increased market exposure and expanded distribution throughout Canada and the US.  Feel Foods – the agri-food holdings company focused on innovative products and technologies in the food services …



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Food & Beverage

Food Giant Premier Foods Launches Range of Plant-Based Cakes and Soups

UK food giant Premier Foods, announce the launch of a new range of plant-based desserts, cakes and soups. The company suffered significant losses after some controversy owing to a pension discrimination scandal, and this appears to be a move to regain profits and raise share prices. The company stated that the new vegan line is a response to “current customer trends.”