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JTM Food Group Launches PlantBorn to Meet Growing Demand for Plant-Based Protein in US Schools

J.T.M. Food Group, a US food service manufacturer, announces the launch of PlantBorn™, a new collection of plant-based protein options for schools, colleges, and other food service operators.  Meant to offer a simple and nutritious plant-based menu option, PlantBorn’s line includes Taco Filling and Pasta Sauce. Made with textured yellow pea protein, the items provide a clean-label, allergen-friendly meat alternative that can be easily integrated into a variety of dishes, from tacos and nachos to pizza and pasta bowls. Both items come fully prepared in heat-and-serve pouches that can be boiled or steamed.  “More than 60 percent of US households are now buying plant-based food protein products, and there is a major push across the country for schools to add more plant-based options to their …