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Plantega’s $5 Vegan Subs: Showcasing Top Plant-Based Brands in NYC

Plantega, known for its innovative plant-based deli-in-store concept, is launching a special promotion for $5 Vegan Subs, available exclusively for online delivery through DoorDash in New York City. This campaign, reminiscent of Subway’s renowned $5 Footlong promotion, features six unique plant-based subs aimed at making plant-based foods more accessible and showcasing the ingredients from top plant-based brands. The $5 Vegan Sub menu features six options: the Wicked Meatball Sub, Chicken Tender Sub, Philly Meatball Sub, Ham & Cheese Sub, BBQ Meatball Sub, and Turkey & Cheese Sub. These sandwiches are crafted using ingredients from leading US plant-based companies such as Pleese Cheese, Prime Roots, WayFare Foods, and Fabalish. Plantega operates in over 50 bodegas across New York City, offering a unique deli-in-store model that provides …


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NYC’s Plantega Announces Bigger Menu and New Plant-Based Partners, Including Karana and Prime Roots

NYC’s deli-in-store concept Plantega announces it is launching a new menu with a significant change-up of plant-based brand partners and products. Beginning the week of May 15, the organization will launch its new menu to over 40 bodega locations across New York City, as well as on food delivery platforms UberEats, DoorDash and Grubhub.  The new menu changes are as follows: Zero Egg replaces JUST Egg (as exclusive plant-based egg partner) Karana replaces Beyond Meat (whole-plant meat Breakfast Sausage and Burger made with jackfruit) California-based Prime Roots will replace Be-Hive deli meats Wicked Kitchen joins the menu with a Wicked Italian Meatball WayFare replaces Miyoko’s Butter and Cream Cheese (Wayfare’s Nacho Cheddar Cheese remains on menu as a top 5 sandwich seller) Vertage Foods’ American …