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Michelin Chefs Unveil ‘Poe & Co. Folk Foods’: Gourmet Vegan Camping Cuisine

Husband and wife duo Jamie and Jayson Poe, both Michelin-trained chefs, have launched Poe & Co. Folk Foods, a line of gourmet, plant-based, just-add-water camping meals, an offshoot of Santa Barbara-based catering and meal delivery business Poe & Co which was established in 2018. Poe & Co has earned a reputation due to the pair’s fine-dining culinary talents and has amassed a celebrity clientele, owing to the founders’ high-end experience at establishments including Union Square Cafe, Gramercy Tavern, The Four Seasons Hotel, Restaurant Daniel, and Solbar Calistoga. Seemingly carving out a new niche in luxury vegan camping food, the founders have created a line of better-for-you dishes which can be consumed straight out of the pouch simply with the addition of water. Bringing Michelin quality …