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MeliBio Partners with Pow.Bio to Advance Bee-Free Honey Through Precision Fermentation

MeliBio, a pioneering company in the production of bee-free honey, today announces a strategic collaboration with Pow.Bio to escalate precision fermentation capabilities. This partnership is set to further innovate the production of high-value bee proteins and enzymes, targeting the expansive global market for functional food ingredients. The collaboration leverages Pow.Bio’s expertise in both traditional and innovative continuous fermentation technology, incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize the fermentation process. This technological advancement is expected to commence this month, marking a critical phase in MeliBio’s scale-up efforts. MeliBio is at the forefront of creating honey products that do not rely on bees, thereby addressing the environmental impact on bee populations and promoting biodiversity. The company’s R&D team has completed initial proof of concept work, demonstrating the viability …


Pow.Bio has announced a $9.5 million raise to reduce the biomanufacturing costs of animal-free ingredients.

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Pow.Bio Raises $9.5M to Reduce the High Costs of Animal-Free Ingredients

Californian biomanufacturing company Pow.Bio has announced a $9.5 million raise in a Series A round to run what it claims is the first-ever AI-controlled, automated continuous fermentation platform for precision fermentation ingredients capable of reducing biomanufacturing costs.  Re:Food and Thia Ventures led the round, joined by Hitachi Ventures, the venture capital arm of Hitachi. Possible Ventures, XFactor Ventures, Bee Partners, iSelect, Climate Capital, Vectors Angel, Better Ventures, and Cantos supported the CDMO in this round. “Early on, we identified continuous fermentation as a necessity to enable cost-competitive, sustainable food production. We are excited to partner with Pow.Bio because of the strength of their continuous platform, the quality of their team, and their commitment and vision for a more sustainable SynBio future,” said Peter Odemark, co-founder and managing …