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Prefer Raises $2M for Bean-Free Coffee Made With Upcycled Ingredients & Fermentation

Singapore-based startup Prefer has raised $2 million to scale up the production of its bean-free coffee. The round was led by Forge Ventures, with participation from Better Bite Ventures, Sopoong Ventures, SEEDS Capital, Entrepreneur First, and Pickup Coffee. Prefer’s coffee alternative is made by using microbes to ferment upcycled ingredients such as waste bread, soy milk pulp, and spent brewer’s grain. The resulting mixture is then roasted and ground, using a proprietary process that provides a similar taste and aroma to conventional coffee. Sustainable and affordable The aim is offer a more sustainable alternative to coffee, which has a high carbon footprint and is heavily affected by climate change. Changing weather patterns and increased demand are expected to drive up coffee prices in the coming …