Pret a Manger launches vegan meatball wrap

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Pret a Manger Launches Vegan Meatball Wrap in the US

British sandwich shop chain Pret a Manger launches vegan meatball wrap across its 42 US stores. Last January, Pret a Manger UK swapped the conventional meatballs in its Swedish Meatball Hot Wrap for a vegan alternative made by Meatless Farm. The wrap was a huge success, becoming the first new product in the chain’s history to become a top-five bestseller in launch week. Following this success, the plant-based wrap permanently replaced the conventional option in the UK. Now, the wrap is coming to the US too. The menu item will feature plant-based Meatless Farm meatballs in a multigrain wrap with marinara sauce, red onions, crispy onions, and red pepper.  This is the first time Pret has offered a meat alternative in the US. The wrap …