Pret a Manger launches vegan meatball wrap

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Pret a Manger Launches Vegan Meatball Wrap in the US

British sandwich shop chain Pret a Manger launches vegan meatball wrap across its 42 US stores. Last January, Pret a Manger UK swapped the conventional meatballs in its Swedish Meatball Hot Wrap for a vegan alternative made by Meatless Farm. The wrap was a huge success, becoming the first new product in the chain’s history to become a top-five bestseller in launch week. Following this success, the plant-based wrap permanently replaced the conventional option in the UK. Now, the wrap is coming to the US too. The menu item will feature plant-based Meatless Farm meatballs in a multigrain wrap with marinara sauce, red onions, crispy onions, and red pepper.  This is the first time Pret has offered a meat alternative in the US. The wrap …


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Veganuary 2021: Vegan Deliveroo +146%, M&S Vegan Beef Sells Every 30 Seconds, Vegan Meatballs Fastest Best-Sellers in Pret’s History

Veganuary 2021 has come to an end and has revealed some outstanding figures. In total, an official number of 582,538 people signed-up (not counting those who took part unofficially without signing up), far exceeding the target of 500,000. The groundbreaking initiative has also inspired an explosion of plant-based product launches, menu items and market activity.  Hundreds of new plant-based products launched in conjunction with the organisation and many initial sales have exceeded expectations. UK restaurant Leon released its Vegan Sweet Carolina BBQ Burger and in just one week was its bestselling burger. Department store Marks and Spencer reporting selling one of its new No Salt Beef Pretzel Roll every 30 seconds. Pret a Manger’s new Meatless Meatball Hot Wrap was its first new product to …