ProteinDistillery announces a partnership with the machine manufacturer NETZSCH to advance the purification processes of Prew:tein.

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ProteinDistillery and NETZSCH Partner to Advance Egg-Like Prew:tein from Upcycled Brewer’s Yeast

The German biotech ProteinDistillery announces a partnership with the machine manufacturer NETZSCH to advance the purification process of Prew:tein — a biomass fermentation-derived protein that delivers functionality akin to egg whites.   ProteinDistillery recently secured €15 million to build an industrial-scale production facility in southern Germany. Claimed as Europe’s first protein-competence center, the plant will be able to produce tons of the vegan protein crafted from upcycled brewer’s yeast. NETZSCH will supply essential machinery to isolate Prew:tein from the biomass — a process essential to achieve a final product — and will also engage in co-development efforts. According to the startup,  the collaboration between the machine engineers and its team will also result in cutting-edge purification methods, driving innovation in the industry.  “This strategic partnership will not only …


ProteinDistillery announces Seed financing of more than 15M € to fund further company growth and launch Europe’s first protein-competence center in Germany.

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ProteinDistillery Secures Over €15M to Launch Europe’s First Prew:tein Competence Center

ProteinDistillery, a German biotech startup harnessing biomass fermentation to produce Prew:tein, has secured over €15 million in a seed round led by the Berlin-based Green Generation Fund with participation from a family office from Southern Germany. The fresh capital will support the company’s expansion and the launch of “Europe’s first protein-competence center in Germany” to produce the company’s flagship ingredient crafted from upcycled brewer’s yeast from Germany’s beer industry. “Looking ahead, we aim to set up an industrial-scale production facility with the capacity to produce several thousand tons of protein each year. Achieving this goal requires a carefully crafted financing strategy,” comments Marco Ries, co-founder and managing director of the startup. The protein of 20 million eggs ProteinDistillery, co-founded by Dr. Kurz, Christoph Pitter, Michael Baunach, …