Cultivated meat startup Orbillion Bio has raised venture capital funding to develop further its predictive model or "scale-up algorithm" for cultivated meat.

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Are US Consumers Beginning to Accept Cultivated Meat?

Recent studies tracking US consumer attitudes toward cultivated meat have found a relatively positive outlook for a product yet to be available for mass consumption. A YouGov survey of 9,272 US adults conducted in May 2024 revealed only 50% of the participants preferred to eat animal meat when asked to choose between traditional and lab-grown meat, assuming it was identical to meat. Interestingly, 14% responded that they wouldn’t eat either. This 50% preference for animal meat was consistent across various categories — region, gender, politics, age, and race — with only slight variations. The most significant divergence was political: 68% of Republicans preferred animal meat over lab-grown meat. The survey questioned whether participants would consider trying meat made in a laboratory instead of animal or …


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60% of US Consumers Open to Cultivated Chicken, Beef, & Pork Despite Taste and Health Doubts, Finds Survey

A Consumer Food Insights survey, used by Purdue University to track consumer perceptions of cultivated meat, has found that around 60% of consumers are willing to try cultivated beef, chicken, and pork in restaurants, while around 30% are unwilling. 1,200 of the consumers surveyed were presented with a list including familiar animals, such as chicken, cow, and pig, as well as several exotic creatures. They were asked to group the animals based on their willingness to try conventional and cultivated meat cuts in a professional restaurant setting, classifying them as either ‘willing to try’ or ‘not willing to try.’ Conventional vs cultivated From all the animals listed, consumers were shown to be more willing to eat the animal-derived meat than cultivated meat, even in the case of exotic animals. The most …