Plant-based sequins

Image courtesy of Stella McCartney.


Stella McCartney Debuts “First Ever” Garment Made With Plant-Based Sequins

Stella McCartney has developed what is claimed to be the first ever garment made from plastic-free, plant-based sequins. The sleeveless Biosequin® jumpsuit has made its debut on the cover of American Vogue, modelled by Cara Delevigne. It is not yet commercially available, but is said to showcase the potential benefits of the material. Developed by a company called Radiant Matter, which specialises in “colour and material solutions for the circular economy”, Biosequins are made from plant-derived cellulose. They are fully biodegradable and contain no plastic, metals, minerals, or synthetic pigments.  According to Stella McCartney, conventional sequins are made from synthetic materials such as PVC or polyester film, which are harmful to the environment and contain chemicals that could have a negative impact on human health. …