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Rashki Launches “India’s First” Banana Leather Handbags

Sustainable fashion brand Rashki has partnered with Atma Leather to launch what it claims are India’s first banana leather handbags. India is said to be the world’s largest banana producer, and four tons of waste are generated for every ton of fruit. Atma saw an opportunity to make use of this resource by upcycling it into fibers that can be used to make a petroleum-free leather alternative. Following an extensive R&D process, Banofi leather was born, consisting of 60% banana fibers, 20% natural additives, and 20% non-petroleum synthetic additives. The material uses 85% less water and produces 85% less carbon dioxide than animal leather. Rashki has launched a range of bags made with Banofi, including the Snow black and white crossbody bag, Unica Eco handbag …