Ruby Rose Joins REBBL to Fight for Social Justice



Vegan Actress Ruby Rose Joins Forces With REBBL

REBBL, producer of organic, super herb elixirs, has announced that they are partnering with Ruby Rose, vegan actor and activist. Ruby is joining as an advisor and investor in the brand, on the mission to make adaptogens and super herbs more accessible to everyone through nourishing, functional beverages. She will also join REBBL’s non-profit partner, Not For Sale, helping the cause to co-create a future without human trafficking.


REBBL adaptogene vegane Getränke auf braunem Tisch umringt von Zutaten

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REBBL: Functional Drink Combats Human Trafficking in the Rainforest

REBBL’s beverages are made exclusively from vegan ingredients and contain active plant-derived substances – so-called adaptogens – which help the organism to stay calm in times of increased physical and emotional stress. The beverages are a newcomer to the market and could be in particular demand from consumers with stress-related conditions such as exhaustion or overload. The special thing about adaptogens is that they only become active in times of acute stress.