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Former Burger King Chef Michael Salem Launches Recreate Foods to Revolutionize Plant-Based Chicken

Chef Michael Salem, the former head of culinary innovation at Burger King, announces the launch of Recreate Foods – a venture-backed, plant-based food company that specializes in chef-made chicken alternatives made to deliver better flavor than big-name competitors and conventional chicken. At Burger King, Salem played a pivotal role in bringing the Impossible Whopper to the chain’s menu, and was inspired to develop Recreate products while working on recipes for Kevin Hart’s vegan fast food chain, Hart House.  Speaking to vegconomist today, Salem states: “After 25 years as a chef and leading menu strategy and innovation for notable restaurant chains across the U.S., I was instantly amazed by the flavor of Recreate Foods’ plant-based chicken alternative. During my plant-based journey from Burger King to Hart …