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Renegade Foods Triples Production of Vegan Charcuterie Products Just Months After “Game-Changing” Launch

Berkeley, CA-based Renegade Foods, a producer of plant-based charcuterie products like salami, chorizo, and sobrasada, announces it has tripled its production capabilities amid increased consumer demand. Co-founder and CEO Iona Campbell states that the brand’s “commitment to creating delicious food leveraging age-old techniques and high-quality ingredients” is fueling company growth. Launched in 2019 by Campbell and Co-founder Kalie Marder, Renegade Foods today reports the addition of more than 20 new accounts following the launch of an “industry first” shelf-stable, vegan salami that can be stored, shipped and merchandised without the need for refrigeration. Furthermore, the company says it has eliminated 80% of its packaging, while dramatically reducing shipping costs.    Since the announcement in March of the shelf-stable sausage, Renegade says it has achieved more than …


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Renegade Foods Unveils ‘Industry First’ Shelf-Stable Vegan Deli Meat

Meat-free charcuterie brand Renegade Foods announces the launch of an “industry first” shelf-stable salami that can be stored, shipped and merchandised without refrigeration. Now available via Renegade’s website, the company says the salamis mark a first-of-its-kind innovation for the vegan culinary world.  According to Renegade, its plant-based charcuterie is made to honor centuries-old European traditions. To create salamis and chorizo, the company uses organic ingredients and traditional meat preservation techniques that require minimal processing.  Preserving flavor When developing a shelf-stable salami, Iona Campbell, CEO and co-founder of Renegade Foods, says the company sought to maintain the products’ naturally robust flavors without over-processing, or relying on flavor additives or preservatives.  “Our tools are the traditional tools of food artisans used over centuries – fermentation, smoking and …