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RESPECTfarms: “Cultivated Meat is Not Disadvantageous to Agriculture, But Rather a Model for Farms”

RESPECTfarms has the vision of being the first farm in the world to cultivate meat directly from animal cells. The project aims to help all farmers diversify their business models to benefit from the economic, environmental, and social advantages of cultured meat. The idea is to make use of the expertise, networks, and entrepreneurial spirit of farmers, rather than seeking to replace them. This will allow for a fair and just transition to a more sustainable food system. We spoke to RESPECTfarms co-founder Florentine Zieglowski to learn more about this forward-looking project. RESPECTfarms wants to become the first cultivated meat farm in the world. What made you turn to cellular agriculture? RESPECTfarms grew out of the world’s first publicly funded research into cultivated meat, which …


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