Sattvik Council of India launches its labelling certification program in Singapore.

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Sattvik Council of India Launches Vegetarian and Vegan Certification Services in Singapore

Sattvik Council of India, which claims to be the world’s first third-party vegetarian and vegan certification body and standards developer, has officially launched a new office in Singapore, Sattvik Certifications Singapore (SCSG). The services offered by SCSG, under the leadership of Director Venkataraman Kumar, encompass testing, inspection, and certification solutions for various industries and their products, including F&B, food service and hospitality, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, textiles, and cleaning. Additionally, the SCSG also launched a Buddhist manual for Singapore’s vegetarian and vegan Buddhist community. According to Abhishek Biswas, founder of the Sattvik Council of India, the vegetarian and vegan population worldwide is growing, and Singapore is the second most vegan-friendly country in Asia. SCSG seeks to help this growing community make better-informed choices by ensuring that products meet specific standards and …