3D-printed plant-based pork and turkey burgers

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SavorEat Launches 3D-Printed Plant-Based Pork and Turkey Burgers

Israeli foodtech company SavorEat has developed 3D-printed plant-based pork and turkey burgers. The new breakfast patties will join SavorEat’s existing plant-based hamburger patties. Uniquely, SavorEat’s meat alternatives are customisable and created by a “robot chef”, which uses AI and machine learning to produce burgers catered to diners’ preferences. Users can select their cooking preferences and desired protein and fat content using SavorEat’s specially developed web application. Robot chef reduces waste The robot chef can then produce about one patty every two minutes. Since it only produces the quantity needed, this method significantly reduces food waste. US pilot Last year, SavorEat announced it would be launching its 3D-printed burgers in the US via a collaboration with catering company Sodexo. Through the partnership, SavorEat’s burgers will be …


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Vegconomist Celebrates World Egg Day with These Newly Hatching Vegan Egg Brands

Happy World Egg Day! Though perhaps it is not such a happy day for the approximately 9 billion chickens killed in the US every year. There are, however, signs of change with recent surveys revealing up to 30% of consumers are likely to buy plant-based eggs instead of conventional poultry eggs. The global egg substitutes market is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 5% until 2026, when it will be worth $2.1 billion, with many new companies entering the space to meet demand. Market leader JUST Egg is the most funded among them and has recently expanded into both South Africa and South Korea, as well as launching an ad campaign voiced by Curb Your Enthusiasm star J.B Smoove.  US plant-based brand …