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Schouten Europe Expands Plant-Based Portfolio With Mycoprotein Meat Alternatives

Schouten Europe, a Dutch plant-based protein company, announces the expansion of its product range with mycoprotein-based meat substitutes derived specifically from the Fusarium genus strain of fungi, known for its high protein content. Mycoprotein is cultivated in controlled environments, utilizing a sustainable carbon source like glucose. This produces a fibrous, doughy mixture with a similar texture to meat, making it an effective ingredient for alternative meat products. Up until 2010, Quorn Foods had the exclusive rights to the application of this type of mycoprotein, with patent protections that allowed the company to be the sole producer of Fusarium-based mycoprotein for several years. The rise of mycoprotein for alt meat Since the expiration of these patents, other companies have been able to research, develop, and market …


Schouten Europe and Agrifirm announce collaboration

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Schouten Europe and Agrifirm Investigate Potential of Tempeh Made From Dutch Soy & Fava Beans

Dutch companies Schouten Europe and Agrifirm have announced a collaboration that will investigate the possibility of making tempeh from Dutch soybeans and fava beans. Schouten Europe produces meat alternatives and other plant-based products, while Agrifirm provides products and services to farmers to improve productivity and sustainability. The new collaboration stems from the Bean Deal, which is part of the Netherlands’ National Protein Strategy — an initiative launched in 2020 that aims to enhance the cultivation of protein-rich crops. With support from Agrifirm, Schouten launched a soybean cultivation pilot last year. The companies plans to expand this in 2024, with more growers and different soybean varieties. Schouten then hopes to turn these soybeans — along with other locally-grown pulses such as fava beans — into tempeh. …


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Tempeh Today and Marel India Partner to Install Small-Scale Tempeh Fermentation Units

Henk Schouten, the CEO of plant-based protein company Schouten Europe, launched Tempeh Today in India in 2021, aiming to establish 100 small-scale fermentation units (SFUs) for tempeh production within five years. To reach these goals, CFSS B.V., the company behind Tempeh Today in India, and Marel India Pvt. Ltd. have announced a strategic partnership to boost tempeh production and continue to offer a sustainable solution for proteins in India. Marel India is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Marel, an international company that provides high-quality equipment, solutions, services, and software for the food processing industry.  Small and micro units for tempeh “The collaboration with Marel is a crucial next step in rolling out the concept. I am thrilled that Marel is supporting this initiative, and I look forward to our future …