Plant-based proteins pilot program

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Dutch Town Launches Pilot Program Encouraging Residents to Choose Plant-Based Proteins

The Dutch town of Altena has become the first in the Netherlands to launch a pilot program encouraging locals to eat more plant-based proteins. The program is a collaboration between the Green Protein Alliance (GPA), its members, the Municipality of Altena, the Province of Noord-Brabant, and Wageningen University. In particular, Schouten Europe — a plant-based meat brand and GPA member — is heavily involved. Plant-based together As part of the pilot, interventions will take place at schools, supermarkets, and restaurants under the slogan “Plant-based together”. These interventions will include tasting sessions for plant-based products. Local ambassadors — such as Olympic beach volleyball player Raïsa Schoon — are helping to raise awareness of the program. Currently, 61% of the protein consumed in the Netherlands is animal-based, …


Grass protein

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Meat Alternatives Created From Grass Protein? Schouten and Grassa Investigate

Schouten Europe has joined forces with another Dutch company, Grassa, to develop meat alternatives made from grass protein. Currently, Grassa works mainly in the agricultural sector. The company notes that when a cow eats grass, only 30% of the protein is used, with the rest converted to manure. By removing some proteins from the grass beforehand and using them for other purposes, efficiency is improved and cattle emit less nitrogen. The concept is similar to that of New Zealand’s Leaft Foods, which has developed a way to extract protein from leaves. Schouten wants to investigate whether this technology could be used to produce a local, scalable alternative to soy protein with a lower carbon footprint. According to Grassa, grass yields 2.5 times as much protein …


Fishless Sticks Schouten

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Market & Trends

Plant-Based Fish Sales Spike as “Profitable Fishing No Longer Possible”

Alt-protein producer Schouten Europe has reported a significant rise in plant-based fish sales, as the price of conventional fish continues to climb due to the conflict in Ukraine. According to Schouten, profitable fishing is “currently no longer possible”, with many fishing boats not setting sail due to the soaring cost of fuel. This has triggered a growing interest in plant-based seafood. Fish alternatives by Schouten After producing meat alternatives for three decades, Schouten launched its first alt-seafood product — Vegan Green Tuna — in 2021. This was followed by vegan fish sticks and burgers later in the year, with the company saying the documentary Seaspiracy had created a significant increase in demand. Schouten has also been in communication with several companies in the conventional fish …


Schouten Tempeh Mince

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Products & Launches

This Dutch Brand is Creating Tempeh Mince by Upcycling its Own By-Products

Dutch family-owned Schouten Europe has created plant-based minced meat created with fermented tempeh, partly consisted of by-products from one of Schouten’s production facilities. The tempeh mince will be available for retail, out-of-home and the food processing industry. “We want to avoid food waste as much as possible and the by-product is completely safe and usable, we can market it as tempeh mince” Schouten is launching two new varieties, spicy and mild, with the latter intended for consumers and/or product developers who want to season the product themselves. By-products are generated in the production of other tempeh products in the Schouten range and the new upcycled products cater to the fact that minced meat (known as beef grounds in the US) is now one of the …


Schouten R&D fish sticks


Products & Launches

Schouten Launches Vegan Fish Sticks, Says Seaspiracy “Made a Big Impression” and Has Increased Demand

Following the launch of its plant-based tuna this January, as well as last month’s plant-based chicken and beef pieces that the company believes will become more popular than their conventional counterparts; Dutch producer Schouten now announces vegan fish sticks will be released this month, with further fish substitutes to follow in the coming months.


Tempeh Today, Schouten Food

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Agriculture / Agribusiness

Schouten Brings its Sustainable ‘Tempeh Today’ Production System to India

On 25 February, Henk Schouten, CEO of Schouten Europe, will introduce Tempeh Today – an innovative way of sustainable and healthy food production – into Bangalore, Inda. The protein-rich tempeh is produced onsite in high-tech small-scale fermentation units (SFUs). Tempeh Today’s goal is to implement at least 100 SFUs in this fast-growing region over the next five years.