Alexandra Clark & Tom Chapman, Sentient Ventures


Op Ed: Alexandra Clark & Tom Chapman of Sentient Ventures, on Reinvigorating the Alt Protein Market

Describing itself as a “movement of change-makers”, UK-based early growth-stage fund Sentient Ventures, founded by Manish Karani and Alexandra Clark, is focused on funding “the best international companies that are developing superior successors to animal products,” and says its work is to “enable the innovators and change-makers to accelerate the removal of farmed animals from our food production systems, allowing our planet to heal and thrive.” Partner and Co-founder Alexandra Clark leads strategy and operations at Sentient Ventures having spent over a decade leading the EU advocacy for a policy and regulatory landscape to incentivise a shift away from animal product production and consumption. She joined impact investor Veg Capital as an investment adviser before co-founding Sentient Ventures. Tom Chapman, Head of Food Systems Impact, …


Sentient Ventures

Sentient Ventures co-founders Alexandra Clark and Manish Karani with La Fauxmagerie’s co-founder sisters Charlotte and Rachel Stevens. © Sentient Ventures

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Sentient Ventures Invests £2M In Female-Founded Companies Disrupting the Food System

UK-based impact fund Sentient Ventures has announced its first three investments — all into female-founded companies. A combined £2 million has been invested into dairy-free cheesemonger La Fauxmagerie, vegan pizza chain Purezza, and plant-based chicken brand Rebellyous. It comes as figures suggest that female-founded companies are chronically underfunded, receiving just 1p of every £1 of venture funding in the UK. Male founder teams get 89p, while mixed-gender teams get 10p. La Fauxmagerie Founded by sisters Charlotte and Rachel Stevens, La Fauxmagerie claims to be the UK’s first plant-based cheesemonger. The co-founders report that the investment has allowed them to “aggressively scale our manufacturing division and build our team”, leading to a listing at 104 Waitrose supermarkets. The brand is now set to roll out nationwide. …