Vital Meat has submitted a novel food regulatory dossier to the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) seeking pre-market approval for its cultivated chicken, Vital Chicken.

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Cultivated Meat

France’s Vital Meat Submits Pre-Market Dossier to Launch Cultivated Chicken in Singapore

French cultivated meat company, Vital Meat, announces it has submitted a novel food pre-market regulatory dossier to the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) seeking approval to launch its cultivated chicken, Vital Chicken, in the country. The biotech stated that Singapore‘s progressive thinking and willingness to embrace new technologies position it as an ideal market to launch its safe and delicious product.  If Vital Chicken receives the SFA’s pre-market approval, Vital Meat will become the first European cultivated meat company to sell its products in Singapore — a sought-after race among biotech companies. In 2019, SFA introduced a novel food regulatory framework, requiring companies to seek pre-market allowance by submitting safety assessments for SFA’s review. Singapore, the first country to allow cultivated meat, has approved only GOOD Meat’s cultivated …