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Milk- and Dairy Alternatives

For World Milk Day, We Highlight Oat Milk’s Meteoric Rise and Latest Innovations

June 1 marks World Milk Day, and while the occasion was originally launched by the UN to recognize dairy milk, plant-based milk is increasingly taking center stage as the world’s creamy beverage of choice. Out of the countless dairy-free milk varieties, arguably none has shot to fame as quickly or attracted more passionately loyal fans than humble oat milk. It’s notable to recall that, just over five years ago, few people had ever heard of oat milk, and the product was virtually non-existent in most coffee shops and smoothie bars.  But brands like Oatly broke open the lucrative market for this innovative beverage, which is beloved the world over for its creamy texture, low calorie count and gluten- and nut-free ingredients. According to Research and …


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