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SoFine Launches Plant-Based Chicken Burgers and Veg & Cheeze Puffers

SoFine Foods, a plant-based producer based in the Netherlands, has launched two new products in time for Veganuary. Joining SoFine’s successful SoChicken Skewers, the SoChicken Burgers are plant-based patties made with soy and wheat protein. They are said to have the same taste and juicy texture as conventional chicken, outranking other meat alternatives in a blind taste test. The breadcrumb-coated Vegetable & Cheeze Puffers are made from 39% vegetables — a mixture of spinach, courgette, and onions — combined with vegan cheese. The Puffers have received a top Nutriscore A rating, as they are rich in fibre and protein and low in saturated fat. The new products are already available in Belgium, and have recently arrived at some Edeka and Rewe stores in Germany. The …


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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Dutch Tofu Pioneer SoFine to “Take Vegan Fish Sticks to the Next Level”

The new SoFish sticks that SoFine is set to launch into Rewe and Edeka in Germany have apparently been deemed as the tastiest in comparison with two other vegan alternatives in blind tests, with testers praising the taste and similarity to real fish, the crispy crust and the consistency. Multi market rollout Jessica Zomerdijk,  Commercial Director at SoFine, reveals: “After Germany, we expect to successfully launch the new SoFish sticks in the Netherlands, Belgium and Finland.” SoFish sticks are high in protein, contain omega 3 from flax oil, valuable fibre, and vitamins B2, B12, D, iron and zinc,  rewarded with a Nutriscore A grade. SoFine produces, in addition to its tofu products, meat alternatives, meatballs and vegetable-forward burgers and schnitzels, and a chicken alternative. In …