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Orbillion Bio Partners with Solar Biotech to Scale Cultivated Wagyu Beef for US Market

Cultivated meat startup Orbillion Bio announces it is partnering with Solar Biotech, a leader in SynBio bioprocessing, to further develop and scale production of premium cultivated Wagyu beef for US consumers. The partners plan to scale to 20,000L bioreactors, which will be capable of producing over 4 million pounds of meat every year. According to Orbillion, the strategic partnership reinforces their commitment to achieve price parity with conventional meat by 2026 and commodity pricing for beef by 2030. Through the collaboration, Orbillion states it now has a clear path to US commercialization of its first product, cultivated Wagyu beef. The effort will combine Orbillion’s proprietary cell culture platform with Solar Biotech’s scale-up bioprocess development capabilities and infrastructure, proprietary AI-driven bioprocess software, biosensing technologies, and vertically …


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Solar Biotech Receives Investment From Ingredion to Expand SynBio Bioprocessing Capabilities

SynBio (synthetic biology) company Solar Biotech has received an undisclosed sum of capital from leading ingredient solutions provider Ingredion. The company intends to use the funding to expand its facility in Norton, Virginia. The new, larger facility will allow Solar Biotech to increase its bioprocessing capabilities in order to manufacture products for several market segments. The company has already introduced several major new products to the foodtech segment. Solar Biotech has the mission of using advanced bioprocessing techniques such as precision fermentation to transform the way consumer products are manufactured. To achieve this, the company uses proprietary technologies powered by solar energy. Solar Biotech partnerships In January, Solar Biotech announced it would be expanding its partnership with foodtech company Motif Foodworks, which initially partnered with …


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Solar Biotech Expands Partnership With Motif Foodworks After “Groundbreaking” HEMAMI Reveal

Solar Biotech, the SynBio technologies and products development startup, announces an expanded partnership with US food-tech company Motif FoodWorks. This announcement comes on the heels of Motif’s launch of the beef-like heme-binding protein HEMAMI last month. “The HEMAMI reveal is ground-breaking news in the plant-based and alternative protein food trade and we are proud to be a part of making this FoodTech milestone,” states Lisa Wade, Communications and Social Development Manager at Solar Biotech. Motif’s strategic partnership with Solar Biotech began in 2020, when Motif turned to Solar Biotech to increase its production capacity. Motif utilized Solar Biotech’s development and precision fermentation capabilities for pilot-scale production of HEMAMI™. The breakthrough food-tech is a yeast-derived heme protein that brings an umami flavor and meaty aroma. HEMAMI …



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TurtleTree and Solar Biotech Join Forces to Bring Cell Cultured Milk Closer to Market

Bio food tech startup TurtleTree has entered a new strategic partnership with industrial biomanufacturing specialist Solar Biotech. The deal is an important step in TurtleTree’s scale-up process for the manufacture of its cell-based milk ingredients. Solar Biotech, led by industrial biotech expert Alex Berlin, brings bioproducts from benchtop to industrial bioprocessing commercial scale using proprietary technology and solar energy. This is a key move for TurtleTree as one of the biggest challenges for food tech companies is developing the technologies required to scale up bio-manufacturing processes. Based in Singapore and the US, TurtleTree recognizes that a key factor in reaching price parity with traditional food production methods is the availability of technologically advanced large-scale food-grade bioprocessing facilities. Backed by Green Monday Ventures and Prince Khaled’s …