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Investments & Finance

Alt Seafood Disruptor Sophie’s Kitchen Secures $5.6M to Further Growth in the US

Sophie’s Kitchen, a rapidly growing disruptor in the plant-based food industry, has secured a $5.6 million investment to accelerate growth. The funding was led by Billy Goat Brands, the Canadian publicly-listed venture capital platform with a focus on the blue economy.  Founded by Eugene Wang and based in Sebastapol, California, Sophie’s Kitchen will use the funding to support the growth of the brand, as well as product innovation. Sophie’s Kitchen also plans to develop its overall mission of making a positive difference globally by changing unsustainable and unethical industries into ones that are. Since 2010, Sophie’s Kitchen has created seafood alternatives that enable people to eat plant-based food without giving up the flavors and textures that they love. The current brand portfolio includes plant-based shrimp, …


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Products & Launches

Plant-Based Seafood Pioneers Sophie’s Kitchen Expands Distribution Across the US this Weekend

Sophie’s Kitchen — one of the pioneers of plant-based seafood – has for the past decade been producing vegan seafood products that are soy-free and gluten-free, setting them apart from their competitors. This week the popular brand announces the expansion of two of its top-selling products at select Walmart stores nationwide.


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Guest Posts

Dr. Miles Woodruff From Sophie’s Kitchen on the Incredible Rise of Plant-Based Seafood

Sophie’s Kitchen’s vegan seafood alternatives saw its sales increase 3X in 2019 and says its mission is to “rock the seafood category in the way that Beyond Meat rocked the burger industry.” As the pioneers of plant-based seafood, the brand already has production around the world and is ready to rapidly scale distribution globally.


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Top Stories

Vegan Seafood Makes Big Waves

Plant-based fish and “seafood” products like shrimp are selling like hot (fish) cakes at the moment and are a topic currently trending in our industry. This week, Good Catch Foods secured $8.7 million funding from a syndicate of investors and others are likely to follow suit.  Here we look at the key players in plant-based seafood currently making an impact and describe the products they have to offer either on the shelves right now or soon to launch.