Sparkalis invests in Fooditive

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Fooditive Receives Investment from Sparkalis After Developing Vegan Honey, Casein, & More

Food tech venture fund Sparkalis has acquired a minority stake in Netherlands-based Fooditive, a producer of sustainable plant-based ingredients. Sparkalis’ managing director, Filip Arnaut, will now join ten other food tech experts on Fooditive’s advisory board, providing the company with insights as it works to create ingredients that benefit animals, the planet, and human health. “Sparkalis has acquired a stake in Fooditive because we share the same vision for the future of the food industry. We are both committed to facilitating innovative solutions that will change the way we think about food production and create a more sustainable footprint for the industry,” said Arnaut. Animal-free innovations Fooditive has already developed numerous vegan alternatives to ingredients that are usually animal-based. Last year, the company unveiled its …