Leading plant-based milk brands urge Swedish government to push for change in EU School Scheme Review

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Milk- and Dairy Alternatives

Oatly, Alpro, DUG, Planti, and More Urge Swedish Government to Push for Plant-Based Milk in EU School Scheme Review

Oatly, Alpro (Danone), DUG (Veg of Lund), Planti, Oddlygood, and Sproud, under the umbrella of Plant-based Sweden (Växtbaserat Sverige), have sent a letter to the Swedish government urging it to advocate for the inclusion of plant-based milk in the upcoming review of the EU School Scheme. Currently, the EU School Scheme aids over 20 million European children by providing them with milk, fruit, and vegetables. However, it does not encompass milk alternatives, even though numerous children are unable or unwilling to consume dairy due to medical, ethical, taste, or environmental concerns. Last year, ProVeg and The Vegan Society collected tens of thousands of signatures calling for the EU to add plant-based milk to the scheme. The Green REV Institute also issued an open letter calling for plant milk in schools, arguing that …


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Agriculture / Agribusiness

Sweden Invests in Homegrown Foods to Improve Self-Sufficiency and Deal with Vegan Demand

As demand for plant-based foods grows in Sweden, the government has invested €2.5 million into local projects to boost the agricultural potential of the country. Focusing on crops like fava beans, the initiative aims to increase the national plant-based sector’s competitiveness and make plant-based diets more sustainable. With the majority of plant-based products consumed in Sweden made from imported soy, Vinnova – Sweden’s Innovation Agency – is funding 17 agricultural projects which will improve the self-sufficiency of the county and meet the needs of a population consuming more and more plant-based products. Despite being a country with harsh conditions for agriculture, the innovations could lead to increased growth in the sector and less reliance on – often unsustainable – soy production. One such project is …


Company News

Sweden: Sproud Appoints Global CEO, Continues to Work Towards £50M Revenue Target

Sproud, the Swedish company behind the eponymous low-carbon pea milk, announces that Sara Berger, the current CEO of Sweden’s largest fruit and vegetable supplier SydGrönt, will be appointed Global CEO of Sproud from August. The company is now entering a new phase of significant growth, with the goal of reaching SEK 500 million (almost £50 million) in sales within three years.