plant-based meatballs over pita bread served with onions and sauce


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UK Vegan Food Market Grows 9.58% as 40% of Consumers Demand Plant-Based Options

A report by Straits Research has concluded that the UK vegan food market is growing considerably, largely driven by increased health awareness. The research notes that 10-30% of Europeans are obese, with many British people turning to plant-based diets in an attempt to lose weight. 40% of consumers say they want plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy, while per capita meat consumption is declining. Overall, the UK vegan food market is growing at a rate of 9.58%. Other factors driving the popularity of plant-based foods include lactose intolerance, increased awareness of animal cruelty, environmental concerns, and worries about animal-borne diseases. The latter has been particularly relevant in recent years, with one in four Brits reducing their consumption of animal products since the start of the …