StrEATS Kitchens Plant-Based Beef Taco with Waygu

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Wamame’s Waygu Plant-Based Beef Now Available at All StrEATS Kitchens in Canada

Wamame Foods announces it is partnering with Canadian fast-casual chain StrEATS Kitchens to launch plant-based Waygu beef strips at all locations. Customers across British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan can now order Wamame’s premium plant-based beef in any dish, including tacos, burritos, bowls and sandwiches. Operating 21 locations across Western Canada, StrEATS Kitchens serves a diverse menu of globally inspired street cuisine that focuses on healthy ingredients. The chain is known for its innovative options and regularly rotates its menu based on current street food trends. The collaboration is the latest restaurant partnership for Wamame, which also recently launched Waygu beef at one of Canada’s largest pizza chains, Panago Pizza. At Panago, the beef strips are featured on two specialty pizzas – the Kansas BBQ Pizza …