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Superbrewed Food Partners with Döhler to Offer Sustainable Proteins to the Food and Beverage Industry

Superbrewed Food, a biomass fermentation startup based in Delaware, announces a partnership with Döhler GmbH, a global manufacturer, marketer and supplier of natural ingredients for the food, beverage and nutrition industries. As a manufacturing partner, Döhler will provide extensive fermentation capabilities for the production of Superbrewed Food’s patented postbiotic protein ingredient, which will be launched in 2024 in various food categories in the US by multiple food manufacturers. Postbiotic protein free of animal substances Superbrewed Food offers a natural, postbiotic protein that is free from animal derivatives and allergenic substances, and is non-GMO. This postbiotic protein, comprising over 85% protein, is enriched with essential and branched-chain amino acids. It as a complete food rather than an isolated protein, containing significant levels of essential minerals and …


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Revolutionizing Alt-Proteins: Superbrewed Food Secures Patent for “True Breakthrough” Postbiotic Protein

Fermentation startup Superbrewed Food has achieved a major milestone, securing a patent for its proprietary Postbiotic Protein ingredient. This development, combined with the attainment of self-affirmed GRAS status, grants the company a competitive advantage in the alt-protein market, enhancing the appeal of Superbrewed Postbiotic Protein to consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. The patent comes after a period of significant growth for Superbrewed Food. In 2022, the company attained self-affirmed GRAS status for its postbiotic protein and began a strategic collaboration with The Bel Group, makers of Babybel and The Laughing Cow, to develop cheese products with its postbiotic cultured protein. Superbrewed Food also made an appearance at the UN Climate Conference (COP28) in 2023. The US Patent Application Publication (No. 2023/0320399) covers a broad range …