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Superlatus Announces Planned Expansion into Pet Food Market, Beginning with Baked Plant-Based Treats

Superlatus, Inc., a food tech and distribution organization that recently completed a merger with pharmaceutical exchange platform provider TRxADE HEALTH, Inc., has revealed its strategic move to penetrate the global pet foods market, focusing on plant-based, high-protein pet foods and snacks. Notably, following the merger of Superlatus and TRxADE HEALTH, the combined entity made significant strides in the plant-based food industry. They recently expanded their portfolio by acquiring Perfect Day’s Animal-Free Brands through the acquisition of The Urgent Company. Only two days after acquiring The Urgent Company, Superlatus unveiled plans to launch a pulse protein snack in the United States in early 2024 under the recently acquired Brave Robot brand, well-known for its vegan dairy-free ice creams. The expansion into the pet food market will …


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Superlatus Takes on Perfect Day’s Animal-Free Brands Through Acquisition of The Urgent Company, Plus Further Surprise Moves

Two companies have merged and announced the acquisition of Perfect Day’s CPG business, The Urgent Company.  Superlatus, a food tech innovator and distribution company, and TRxADE HEALTH (NASDAQ: MEDS), a leading pharmaceutical exchange platform, have acquired The Urgent Company’s portfolio of animal-free brands: Brave Robot, Coolhaus, Modern Kitchen, and California Performance Co.   As part of the acquisition, Natasha Case, founder of Coolhaus, will rejoin the brand as chief brand officer, playing a pivotal role in the integration process. She will also be an advisor to Superlatus’ broader portfolio of brands. The Urgent Company The Urgent Company was founded in 2020 as a B2C to commercialize Perfect Day’s animal-free whey protein. The company debuted with Brave Robot and its revolutionary cow-free ice cream. Its products, including cream …