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Mexico: Japanese Chain Sushi Roll Joins Forces With Better Balance for ‘Vegan Lab’ Menu

Sushi Roll, a Japanese-inspired restaurant chain in Mexico, has launched a new menu called Vegan Lab in collaboration with alt protein brand Better Balance. The menu features ten dishes, including starters, salads, soups, rolls, nigiri, and main courses. Meats such as pork and chicken have been replaced with Better Balance’s plant-based alternatives to achieve an authentic taste and texture. The launch comes in response to growing demand for plant-based food in Mexico; 65% of Mexicans now reportedly consume plant-based products on a regular basis, while 30% identify as flexitarian. “Innovation is part of Sushi Roll’s DNA and we are constantly renewing our menu to remain in the preference of diners. We know that more and more people expect to find plant-based options and, although Japanese …