3D-printed vegan nose

© Swansea University


Scientists Develop 3D-Printed Vegan Nose for Victims of Cancer or Accidents

Scientists at Swansea University in the UK are developing a 3D-printed vegan nose for patients who have lost their own due to cancer or an accident. Existing methods of creating new noses involve taking cartilage from patients’ ribs, which is not ideally suited as it is more brittle than that found in the nose. The procedure can also cause long-term health complications, since up to three ribs may need to be removed. Funded by medical charity The Scar Free Foundation, the new technology involves creating cartilage from nanocellulose hydrogel (a type of softwood pulp) and hyaluronic acid (a bacteria-derived ingredient often used in skin creams). This flexible material can be 3D-printed to achieve the precise shape required. The vegan cartilage is then immersed in a …