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IHOP Trials First Vegan Breakfast Sandwich “Plant-Based Cali” in NYC

American restaurant chain IHOP (International House of Pancakes) announces a test-release of its first vegan breakfast sandwich, the Plant-Based Cali.  Offered exclusively at one Flip’d by IHOP eatery in New York City’s Flatiron district, the sandwich may see a larger location rollout depending on customer demand. According to a release, the Plant-Based Cali features a Sweet Earth breakfast sausage patty and folded JUST Egg topped with roasted tomatoes, arugula and avocado, served on an all-vegan bun.  The IHOP culinary team reportedly spent two years developing the menu item, and worked closely with brands behind the ingredients to craft an appealing flavor profile, the company stated. A positive change The Plant-Based Cali debut marks a major milestone for the pancake house, which, in recent years, has …


Plant-Based Breakfast Biscuits featuring Sweet Earth Vegan Sausage and Cheeze

Plant-Based Breakfast Biscuits featuring Sweet Earth Vegan Sausage and Cheeze

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Sweet Earth Options Now in Five US Universities

Sweet Earth Foods, a subsidiary of Nestlé, today announced plant-based options for students at five premier universities across the USA including University of Massachusetts, Notre Dame and Yale. The options will be available on college campuses through November and offered as more permanent menu items in 2021.


Herbivorous Butcher

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The Herbivorous Butcher in Dispute With Nestlé Over Trademark for Vegan Butcher Title

Plant meat producer The Herbivorous Butcher, owned and run by brother and sister team Kale and Aubry Walch, has entered into a dispute with Nestlé over whether the phrase “The Vegan Butcher” can be trademarked. The Minneapolis brand hopes to either obtain the legal right to continue using the phrase or to otherwise fight for it to stay in the public domain.


Sweet Earth founders

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Sweet Earth: “We Focus on Nourishing Lives”

Sweet Earth are a US based manufacturer of plant-based products, with a great range of delicious breakfast, lunch and ready-meals which have been very successful with consumers across North America and territories. In recent years they have gained a plethora of awards for their brand of frozen foods, and in particular have a very popular range of burritos which are appealing to both herbivores and omnivores.  Sweet Earth say that their aim is to create a “Bridge for consumers who are new to plant-based diets.”