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Synonym Secures Funding to Advance Research into Gas Fermentation for Food Production

New York-based biomanufacturing company Synonym has secured funding from Open Philanthropy to further its research into gas fermentation technology for sustainable food production. Recognized for its efforts in developing infrastructure for the biomanufacturing industry, Synonym plans to use the funding to conduct comparative techno-economic assessments of single-cell protein production using various gas fermentation techniques. The company is keen to assess the potential financial benefits of gas fermentation in comparison to processes that utilize plant-based carbon sources such as dextrose. The examination will be facilitated by Synonym’s team of process engineering and capital markets experts and will incorporate evaluation of capital expenditures related to various process designs, as well as comprehensive operating expenses, including nutrient media, staffing, utilities, and more. Fermentation at scale Synonym recently released The …


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Former Impossible Foods Senior Counsel Joins Synonym to Drive the Biomanufacturing Revolution

US biomanufacturing platform Synonym announces the appointment of Daniel Bregman as its new General Counsel and Head of Development in yet another recruitment of a former Impossible Foods expert. Synonym explains that Bregman, former Senior Product Commercial Counsel at Impossible Foods, led important initiatives and gained valuable experience scaling clean technology startups. Previously, he held senior positions at the vertical farming startup Plenty and Cypress Creek Renewables, where he was involved in numerous clean energy projects.  As head of development, Bregman will drive Synonyms’s pre-development projects and focus on the successful growth and expansion of the company’s development engine. He will also work to speed up facility development cycles. “I’m excited to dive headfirst into helping Synonym identify, purchase, and build its first infrastructure sites, and …


Synonym Biotechnologies has launched its latest The State of Global Fermentation Report, providing insights on the existing microbial fermentation capacity.

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New Fermentation Report: Scaling is Not the Only Solution to Reach Price Parity with Animal Products

Synonym Biotechnologies has launched its latest The State of Global Fermentation Report, providing insights on the existing microbial fermentation capacity and profitability drivers to help companies address uncertainty in key capacity decisions. Using the database Capacitor, which highlights the scope and diversity of existing fermentation capacity, and the new tool Scaler, a cutting-edge techno-economic analysis engine, the report suggests: Scale matters to reach price parity, however, scale is not the only solution: Scaler data shows that for every 2x increase in scale (capacity), there is a 1.4x decrease in COGS (cost of goods sold). Still, technology interventions are even more effective, showing that a 2x increase in titer results in a 2x decrease in COGS. The report adds that facilities should prioritize activities such as strain improvement …


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New Database ‘Capacitor’ Helps Companies Find Microbial Fermentation Facilities

Synonym Biotechnologies has joined forces with GFI, Blue Horizon, and Material Innovation Initiative to launch a new database called Capacitor. The free resource comprehensively lists microbial fermentation facilities worldwide, helping synthetic biology companies to find capacity. Users can search using criteria such as location, scale, bioprocess, and feedstock, or view facilities on an interactive map. Capacitor is targeting what has been described as a bottleneck in biomanufacturing — it is estimated that a thousand times more capacity will be needed to meet future demand. Alongside developing the database, Synonym is working to address the cause by building new infrastructure in the US. Increasing fermentation capacity Elsewhere in the world, other companies are also attempting to solve the problem of limited fermentation capacity. One is Singapore’s …


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Synonym Biotechnologies Plans to Accelerate Adoption of Biomanufactured Products 

Synonym Biotechnologies of New York announces it has begun the development process of its first biomanufacturing infrastructure as a “new asset class and a new investable real estate category for a decarbonized industrial future.” Following a $6.3M pre-seed raise from a16z, Giant Ventures, Blue Horizon, Thia Ventures and other venture funds active in decarbonization, Synonym asserts its belief that biomanufacturing facilities will become an “important sustainable asset class driving 21st century industrial growth”. The company has shortlisted potential sites in the US for what it refers to as “fermentation farms” focusing on locations which offer direct grid interconnects, ready access to feedstock, and workforce availability. “Biomanufacturing will be one of the core drivers of 21st century economic development, akin to how petroleum catalysed so much …