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Tally Foods: “The Future of Plant-Based Milk is Providing High Nutritional Value and Serving Kids a True Milk Substitute”

In the past decade, the plant-based milk market has expanded far beyond the domain of soymilk to encompass countless new varieties, flavors and formats, which has helped transform the segment into a multi-billion dollar global industry. Despite this massive success, critics have long accused milk alternatives of being nutritionally inferior to dairy milk, and indeed, most non-dairy products currently do not meet the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA’s) nutrition standards for liquid milk substitutes.  According to Tally Foods, a new US startup making milk from chickpeas, this nutrition gap constitutes a huge problem, because one-third of all dairy milk is consumed by children, who are also the most likely to suffer from food allergies. Seeing a significant lack of allergen-friendly, plant-based milks designed to …


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