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Op Ed: Kavita Karnik, Global Head of Nutrition and Regulatory at Tate & Lyle, on Embracing Food Science

Kavita Karnik, M.Med. Sci, Ph.D., is the Global Head of Nutrition, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs at Tate & Lyle. She is responsible for providing evidence-based scientific support to the company’s ingredient portfolio through strategic nutrition science research and education. Additionally, she leads the Regulatory and Scientific Affairs group, which handles global regulatory approvals and claims strategy for Tate & Lyle products. Previously, Dr. Karnik has held various global roles in the nutrition and health-related commercial environment for corporations such as Unilever, Pfizer, and Nestle. She has also been involved in academic research at several universities. In this article, Kavita explores how food science can help to meet the nutritional needs of current and future generations. Let’s Embrace Food Science and the Solutions it Offers By …


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Tate & Lyle: Plant-Based Products Offer Long-Term and Sustainable Business Opportunities

The consumer trend towards plant-based diets is helping to reduce the negative environmental impact of the food industry and is becoming an essential part of the climate debate. Many brands have now adapted to the needs and preferences of consumers, who are increasingly looking for innovative plant-based products on supermarket shelves that support their lifestyles. Fundamentally, however, consumers are looking for products that meet their basic food quality needs, such as taste, mouthfeel, and nutritional value. Brands must adapt to current climate The challenge brands face today to meet these demands is also partly driven by the global shortage of raw materials of animal origin, exacerbated by events such as the past pandemic and subsequent supply chain disruptions, as well as the need for affordable …