Steve Howard of Singaporean state investor Temasek

Steve Howard. © Temasek

Sustainability / Environment

Singaporean State Investor Temasek Says Alt-Proteins Are Vital For Food Security

Steve Howard, Chief Sustainability Officer at Singapore’s state investor Temasek, has said that plant-based proteins are an important way of improving food security. Speaking to CNBC, Howard explained that about 80% of farmland is used for animal agriculture, with a huge proportion of crops grown being fed to farmed animals. In contrast, only 18% of calories come from animal foods. With climate change already negatively impacting crop production, current grain stores may not be enough to sustain the world’s population. Diversification, especially a switch to alt-proteins, could significantly reduce this inefficiency. Along with preventing food shortages, it could protect those on low incomes from rising food prices. “More plant-based protein, more alternative proteins — that can really build in food security,” Howard told CNBC. “We …


a range of food made with chickpea protein and a bowl with tomatoes and lettuce set on a table

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Investments & Finance

New ChickP CEO Completes $8M Series A as Production Doubles 

ChickP, the Israeli food tech specializing in chickpea protein, has announced a new CEO as its $8 million Series A funding round comes to a close. Liat Lachish Levy comes on board as CEO as the startup also announces a doubling of annual production capacity.  With ChickP recently expanding into the APAC region with the launch of a new office in Singapore, the $8 million Series A funding round, plus earlier investments totaling $10M, will allow the company to accelerate growth and reach its global goals. ChickP recently doubled the annual production capacity of its concentrated non-GMO, chickpea protein isolate, as it scaled up products such as its one-to-one egg yolk replacement. The funding round included new investors and was backed by strategic partner Growthwell …


Growthwell Group

Growthwell Group, from left to right: Mr Justin Chou, Executive Director (Son), Mr Chou Shih Hsin, Managing Director (Father) and Colin Chou, Commercial Director (Son)

Company News

Growthwell Group Raises US$8 Million as Singapore Continues at Forefront of Plant-Based Innovation

Singapore-based Growthwell Group is a leading manufacturer of plant-based alternatives for meat and seafood for the South East Asian market. The group announces US$8 million in a funding round led by Singaporean holding company Temasek, to accelerate its growth into alternative proteins and future food solutions.