Seitan Wings, The Tofoo Co

Seitan Wings © The Tofoo Co

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The Tofoo Co to “Bring Excitement Back to the Category” with New Seitan Products in Collab with Temple of Seitan

The Tofoo Co, the UK’s no.1 tofu brand, has launched a line of innovative seitan products in collaboration with London-based vegan restaurant chain The Temple of Seitan. The seitan range debuts initially with two products: Original Seitan, a chicken-flavored seitan block which is already available in The Temple of Seitan’s award-winning restaurants, and Pepperoni Seitan, a smoky and spicy pepperoni alternative, which will roll out into retail this month. Tofoo MD Dave Knibbs believes the new products will shake up the Meat Free category after a difficult year. “The launch of our new Seitan products represents a real opportunity in natural, meat-free ingredients. Over the last few years, there’s been a lack of real innovation in the Meat-Free category, and this has led to a …