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Denmark’s Tempty Foods Becomes First Brand to Use Mycoprotein by Marlow Ingredients

In April, Quorn’s parent company Marlow Foods announced that it was creating an ingredients division to make its mycoprotein available to other manufacturers. Now, Denmark’s Tempty Foods is set to become the first brand (other than Quorn itself) to use the protein. Tempty is already available in Denmark’s food service sector, and was the first Danish company to ever offer mycoprotein-based products. The partnership with Marlow will allow it to further expand and accelerate growth. “The introduction of Marlow mycoprotein into our products will give us a sustainable and competitive edge. It will also empower us to continue creating next-generation alternatives that focus on the key values of taste and nutrition, rather than imitating meat,” said Martina Lokajova, CEO and co-founder of Tempty Foods. “Huge …