Ensemble Foods rice and protein dish

Image courtesy of Ensemble

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Tereos’ Plant-Based Protein Brand ‘Ensemble’ Secures €4M for Major Expansion Following 50% Sales Growth

The French food processing giant Tereos launched a plant-based protein brand,  Ensemble, in 2022, offering a range of vegan-certified alternatives to meat for food service and retail circuits through the recipes of national brands and distributors. Yesterday, Ensemble announced a €4 million investment from the Co-operative Group to triple the production of its Marckolsheim plant in Alsace in 2024. This significant increase in production is equivalent to providing the proteins for 15 million meals, says the company. Ensemble’s decision to amplify its production arises from a “remarkable” 50% sales growth in 2023. The brand states that it is setting ambitious targets, aiming for a tenfold sales increase over the next five years. This optimism is fueled by the growing consumer demand for sustainable, plant-based food alternatives, which Ensemble believes presents a …