vEEF and LOVE BUDS merge to become the Aussie Plant Based Co

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vEEF Merges With LOVE BUDS to Form The Aussie Plant Based Co

Two Australian brands — Fenn Foods’ vEEF and All G Foods’ LOVE BUDS — have announced that they are merging to form a new company called The Aussie Plant Based Co. vEEF and LOVE BUDS are both leaders in the plant-based meat category, in retail and food service respectively. The strategic merger will grant The Aussie Plant Based Co access to 6,000 distribution points across Australia, along with a manufacturing hub on the Sunshine Coast. Demand for plant-based foods is growing rapidly in Australia; recent research found that 19% of Australians are eating a flexitarian diet, while 6% are vegetarian or vegan. The Aussie Plant Based Co hopes to cater to this demand and eventually expand into Asia and the Middle East. “Leading the Australian …